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R&R Motorworks is an automotive customizing shop located on the central coast of California. Always trying creative ideas, they may have finally gotten noticed. Residents tom Goleta and neighboring Santa Barbara are giving thumbs up to the latest creation. The shop owners have developed edgy turnkey street/competition track package that takes the guesswork out of transforming a factory-stock street car into an impressive weekend racer. The Stage III Spec-Pak puts out 345 hp at the wheels, and with the inclusion of Stage I & II (road handling and styling it then becomes a full blown setup which includes everything from powertrain ventilation, an onboard engine management system and customized exterior. The performance portion of the package focuses on delivering cleaner, cooler air into the power plant and less restriction or back pressure on the exhaust side.

By incorporating an onboard engine manager to link the upgraded intake and exhaust system through sensors, it now gives drivers full control over the engine's running parameters Additionally, by monitoring the sensors, it provides quick access to how well the engine performs, with changes to ignition timing, fuel trim, boost pressure, etc handled painlessly on the fly through the manager. This device creates a mini-cyborg feel, changing how the engine's brain operates is made possible by mapping or otherwise referred to as "reflashing the ECU", it's possible to produce more power just sitting in the driver's seat

Much of the research testing and final selection of Stage I, II, & III's products have been done in-house. They feel having boots on the ground during R&D is vital to the success of their products.

As demonstrated during the R&D portion of the road handling improvements (Stage ), top consideration by the team was given to wheels and tires. Without proper suspension geometry you'll never get the tires to grip correctly. So a key component to the handling side of the Stage I conversion was the special emphasis they placed on selecting a wheel tire combination where the weight distribution from the two plants the heaviest part of the tire in the center of the wheel. "This will prevent power from being robbed when transferred from the drive-train to the road," states Ryan Gold, Vice President of Operations at R&R Motorworks. Many misguided autocross drivers overlook tire selection and often wonder why they have difficulty improving their times on the track. The Stage I Spec-Pak solves that problem

Styling appointments from the Stage II Spec-Pak include a full vinyl car wrap, 1600mm two-tiered adjustable rear wing and front splitter. The stock seats replaced for a pair of red Recaro racing buckets, white powder-coated six paint roll cage installed adding overall strength to the chassis, safety to driver and passenger, and a touch of patriotism to the grand color scheme. Limited numbers of the red, white and blue Stage color combinations will be produced. However, vehicle vinyl wraps come in a bounty of colors and can be mixed and matched with seats and roll cages to personalize a car. Other refinements include: aluminum shifter bushings, factory antenna replaced by sleek aerodynamic Cusco product and the final accouterment came from a pair of Hella horns. The stance is spot on the power and exhaust rumble is heavenly, and the look of the car hits the target. "There's epic functional beauty in how this upgrade turned out" says Ryan Gold.

The first candidate to receive the Stage IlI Spec-Pak was a factory stock 2013 Mitsubishi Evolution GSR. This is the 5 speed manual version with a turbo charged four cylinder engine, rated at 230 whp. Overall, the full conversion took several weeks, but once ready the final step or icing on the build was an oil change using PurOl Elite series 5W-30. After testing for boost leaks and replacing the fuel pump relay the car was rolled onto the Dyno. For several hours the car underwent multiple pulls and tuning adjustments before the final results were made available. Based on the Mustang Dynamometer Test, the Stage II Speo-Pak reported making 345 whp @25psi (High Boost) and 319 whp 21psi (Low Boost). "I was elated by the results given that those numbers were based on 91 octane pump gas." said Ryan Gold

The product manufacturers used in the Stage I, II, & III Spec-Pak include Whiteline, ETS, Enkei, Toyo. Tomei, Recaro. Autopower Avery, Voltex, Fortune Auto, Hella, Cusco and Cobb. The conversion is available to owners of Subaru WRX & STI, Mazda Speed 3, Ford Focus ST, Ford Fiesta ST, Mitsubishi Evolution & Lancer Ralliart and Hyundai Genesis Coupe R Spec. Installation is available through R&R Motorworks or orders can be called in and they'll drop ship the parts for a DIY'er.

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